Life is constantly changing like clouds in the sky. 4 years ago we were different people in different physical and mental states than we were 2 years ago than we were last year than we were 6 months ago than we are now.
And looking at all my different states, challenges and topics now I can sum up one important thing: Take your time and be patient!
It‘s not about rushing through moments, days, weeks or life. It’s not about distracting yourself from situations or feelings. It‘s about experiencing every period, every up and down as it is. As long as it takes or needs to be. Because if you take the time you need to experience exactly this moment you‘re in right now, this time will gift and reward you with everything you need to experience.
If you take time for looking into the sky, you might embrace nature‘s beauty and colours. If you spend time working on your projects, you rather will become successful. If you invest time in friendship, you will have wonderful friends. If you need time for yourself, you will figure out about yourself. If you spend time on learning something, you will gain knowledge about something. If you take time for working out, you will improve physical strength. If you‘re focusing on healing, you will heal. If you take time off to travel, you will see the world. If you take time for loving yourself, you will be able to love!