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We’re chatting, we’re sharing, we’re commenting, we’re rating and we’re online around the clock – the internet satisfies many of our needs, but one of the most essential is still lacking: inter-human relations. Our interactions are online and superficial, deeper conversations and relationships have vanished, with some topics and interests ignored or even declared taboo. It is the empathy that characterizes us humans. The ability to take each other seriously. To hear voices, to see faces, to understand emotions. For in suffering and in joy we are all united.


Avec means together in French, plus means more. At [avec +] we cross paths, ask questions, find answers, create opportunities and connect people. Poor with rich. Young with old. Woman with man with queer. Heart with mind. Yes with no. We work for business with sense and for companies with humanity. We encourage individuals with personality and movement with progress. We believe that showing emotions is a strength. We stand for more offline instead of online and for the future with a future. In short: for analogue togetherness instead of digital coexistence.


[avec+] creates spaces of exchange in which people can unfold and develop together. The participants, under the direction of a coach, devote themselves to topics such as self-knowledge, finding meaning, love, work or social commitment in individual coachings, group discussions, workshops, as well as events and retreats. Psychological, philosophical, intercultural and artistic perspectives enrich the events to provide new food for thought in a sensitive atmosphere. Empathy and emotion instead of stigma and taboo. Let’s talk real, feel person to person and live together!

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+coaching is help for self-help. In an initial conversation by phone, we can get to know each other vocally and clarify all conditions and issues. Call +49 1578 499 3099 or write an email to mail@avecplus.de
Why hiding alone 
behind screens, 
if we can scream, 
laugh or cry together?


+circles are a mix of interest groups and discussion groups.

»Life is a journey – to ourself.«


»So much of who we are is what we’ve been through.«

Hi, I’m Leona, the founder of [avec +].

I have traveled a lot – not only around the world, but also through life: Although a child of divorce, I had a carefree childhood, but then no contact with my family for over 10 years. I financed myself, my studies and my life abroad. I worked as a model at Paris Fashion Week and lived as a volunteer in Indian slums. I sat in a wheelchair and looked after people in wheelchairs. I stared depressively at the wall and celebrated exuberantly on dance floors. I climbed volcanoes and dived with whales. I’ve had everything stolen and thrown out life plans repeatedly.

I lost friends through suicide, traveled halfway around the world for love, and almost broke apart from grief and crises. I survived car accidents and malaria, kept silent with monks in a monastery, slept in a war zone, got lost in a jungle and fled from elephants. I took responsibility as a leading manager and experienced dependence as an unemployed person. I used opportunities and took risks. I made mistakes and learned lessons from them. I cried from happiness and wept out of compassion. I met people, their stories and myself. I realized that digital communication does not give me security, that the universal language is a smile and that a hug can mean the world.


+content means blog. Here you will find articles, thoughts and ideas on various topics of + circles and + classes as well as psychology, philosophy and more.